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Re: solo engineering: hourly jobs/ ethics

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Jeffrey Fertich wrote:

(6) To attempt to obtain or render technical services or assistance without fair and just compensation commensurate with the services rendered; Provided, however, the donation of such services to a civic, charitable, religious or eleemosynary organization shall not be deemed a violation.

"just" compensation is a requirement for ethical behavior.

Rhetorical Question:

Why do you think this is? (HINT: Who are you harming when you "give away" services?)

BTW: "eleemosynary" means "having to do with an organized church." I know that from my time spent as financial clerk in one of our congregations years ago. The phone company every month listed a credit on our bill under the heading "eleemosynary concession." (Say that three times fast).

"Eleemosynary" is without a doubt the "greekest" of words handed down to us from the Greek that I have ever come across.

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