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Re: conduit support truss

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Perhaps this is a little "out of the box", but how about some kind of cable support?  You would probably need lateral guy wires for wind loading in addition to the gravity load wire.  Alternatively, you may want to consider something similar to the span wire assemblies used for traffic signals.  The top wire (catenary wire) has a parabolic profile while the lower wire (messenger wire) is horizontal.  Depending upon what you have to anchor to, this could be one of the least expensive solutions.  You would have to be certain about how much deflection the airline can take - what material will it be?
David Finley
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Subject: conduit support truss

I have a client who wants to install a 2" airline across a 60' outside space with vehicular traffic below so he needs some kind of structure to span the 60'.  The request came in as "design me a truss" and I thought that maybe I could just use a pair of open web steel joists spaced a couple feet apart with bracing in between to make a pipe bridge that can be used for other runs of conduit or piping in the future.  However, I can't help but wonder if there is an easier, more efficient way - like maybe just one larger diameter pipe with the airline run inside or a rectangular HSS with the airline run on top.  Any thoughts/experiences to share?
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