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Re: conduit support truss

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I wasn't really thinking of thermal expansion when I made my prior comment.  More along the lines of the comment that they'll eventually wind up hanging a lot more stuff on it before its decommissioned.  

But Ralph raises a good point: if you do restrain thermal movement, it can be a huge force. I handled thermal by using guided sliding supports to accommodate the thermal expansion for the steam condensate lines supported on the structure with the anchors external to the bridge structure. The guides were designed for seismic and wind but did not need to resist the thermal. 

However, even then, you need to consider the frictional forces developed before the pipeline moves. One of the structures used for the span (which as I recall was about 45 feet a large diameter pipe with angle bearing bars welded on each side which the pipelines rested on.  Pipe was one thing that was readily available which made it economical (well, ok, "cheap"  :<)  )
Bill Cain, S.E.
Berkeley CA

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