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RE: Glulam Beam Retrofit

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What I have done in the past is either use two steel channels (one each side of the GLB) connected to the GLB with through bolts. I have designed the steel channels to take 100% of the load, using the existing GLB as a mechanism to transfer the load to the steel channels. What’s critical with this approach is that the steel channels must be connected to the existing support in some manner.


Alternatively, I have hired Bob Powell (805) 486-2670 in the past as a consultant who provides a retrofit design using a post tensioning approach.


What I won’t do is bolt a steel member to the existing GLB and expect some sort of load sharing to occur. This mechanism is not nearly as mathematically accurate as say welding a cover plate on a steel beam with regards to estimating the load distribution.


If you would like more information about Bob Powell, you can e-mail me privately.




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I have a glulam beam overstressed in flexure. Anyone have any great retrofit ideas?