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While scanning through the archives from last summer, I came across one thread about an F100 requirement.
I didn't read all of the posts,  but some of them didn't seem to make any sense.  A lot of the responses were about Fl/Ff numbers and ASTM 1155.
A F100 number has nothing to do with either Ff/Fl requirements or ASTM 1155.
It's a requirement for defined traffic floors (which are specifically excluded from ASTM 1155.)
My understanding is that F100 is something defined by the Face Companies,  and requires a machine like their Profileograph to take measurements.  It is not clear they actually sell the Profileograph, but the Face Consultants out in Kentucky ( a couple of technicians that bought the consulting side of Face Companies)  own one and can do F100 measurements.  Or you could build your own machine.  There is no "official" recognition of their F100 calculation, however, and I am not sure the derivation of their equations is documented anywhere.  It is also not clear how to calculate any F requirement other than F100.  This is at least my understanding from the one litigation I was involved in where it came peripherally into question.
I will note that a web search on F numbers brings up a lot of misinformation,  for example articles that discuss the "ACI defined F numbers".  ACI has not defined anything to do with F-numbers. 
Concrete International, however, has published any number of poorly written articles on slab on ground issues such as floor flatness, most of which provide little, if any, worthwhile information.   These articles tend to be written by construction management majors and plastic bag salesmen, which have about the same level of understanding of anything to do with engineering.
Gail Kelley