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3x3x1/4 plate washers in IRC vs. 2x2x3/16 in IBC

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Title: 3x3x1/4 plate washers in IRC vs. 2x2x3/16 in IBC


I know people have talked about plate washers for wood sill plates a bit on this list but was hoping someone could spark my memory. Anchorage is currently going through the 2003 code adoption locally. 2003 International Residential Code Section R602.11.1 requires 3x3x1/4 plate washers for foundation sill plates in Seismic Design Category D.  2003 IBC 2308.12.8 requires 2x2x3/16 plate washers for conventional light frame construction in Seismic Design Category D and IBC 2305.3.10 requires 2x2x3/16 plate washers for engineered designs.

Is there a change to require 3x3x1/4 plate washers in an accumulative supplement or errata to the IBC?  The question from the local homebuilders has been when a one or two family dwelling is engineered can they use the 2x2x3/16 plate washers in the IBC?


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