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Bolt bearing on beam web

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Consider a few W16X40 and W16X26 beams in a floor.
SC bolts have specified.
A fully bolted standard double clip angle connection
has been used for the beam to column connection.
The clips are bolted to the beam web and also to the
supporting column flange or web.
The reactions were not given in the plans but were
listed in general for various nominal beam depths.
A common value was given for all W16 beams.

I was checking the adequacy of the bolted connections.
The bolts (in double shear) were okay for both W16x40
and W16x26

While checking the bearing of the bolts on the beam
web, I found that the W16x40 (web thickness 0.305
inch) passed, while W16x26 (with web thickness of 0.25
inch) marginally failed.

I wish to ignore this.
My reasoning may please be examined and commented on.

1)The reaction given in general may merely be an upper
limit. In the case of the W16x26 beam it will most
likely be less than the reaction in beam W16x40. I
don't see any reason for extra end shear in the W16x26
beams. There is no post sitting on the  beam or a
secondary beam framing into it near the end.

2)This is an SC connection. So the bolts will be
tightened to such an extent that the clip angle  faces
will press firmly on either side of the beam web.
The beam web alone will not be subjected to bearing
against bolt surfaces. Two clip thicknesses pressed
firmly against the web on either side  will "assist"
the web. The combined thickness of two clips plus web
thickness is VERY Safe in bearing. We should not
single out the beam web thickness alone for this
bearing check due to the tremendous clamping force
introduced by the SC connection.

I hope Charlie Carter in particular is reading this.
I would greatly value his opinion.
Recent off topic posts:

I tolerate them or welcome them depending on my mood
at that time. I never object to them.
I have been guilty of off-topic posts on more than one
occasion in the other list that I belong to

I would just delete an off-topic post if I don't find
it interesting, with one key press, instead of using
several hundred key presses to compose a mail in
futile protest. These off-topic posters are

I rarely come across one that did not interest me.
Gossip has always been my weakness.
I believe these off - topic posts  introduce variety
and are a healthy diversion from the hard core
technical stuff.
I suggest, that as long as the number does not exceed
10 percent, we say nothing and simply get on with our
technical posts.
I found that in many instances, it is the replies to
the original off topic most that generate more of them
and the chain goes on and on. The off topic posts seem
to generate longer chains than posts bang on topic.
I am not alone. Gossip seems popular with many of you

Dennis Wish and Bill Polhemus,  I read with interest
your ping-pong encounters. 

Christopher Wright, I am willing to share with you my
views on miscellaneous topics privately off the list
and would welcome any mail from you privately on any
topic that interests you and on which you would like a
perspective from an alien land, an alien culture
located directly on the opposite side of the globe,
with the structural engineering profession being the
only common bond.

On the recent exchanges between Bill and Dennis, my
comment is that we in India should be having a class
conflict, not you.

India is home to a thousand million people (three
times your population),  occupying a territory less
than half the area of the USA)
We have a recorded history going back to more than
3000 years, with 6 major religions, 18 major
recognized languages and innumerable minor dialects.

Over a dozen political parties (regional, sub regional
and national) exist and each is busy trying to elbow
the other out.
An age old caste system (the bane of Hindu society),
is so  well entrenched that it that refuses to release
its hold on the masses (particularly the rural

Several distinct races exist and have retained their
purity and they co-exist with the majority of people
who clearly belong  to no clearly identifiable race
but who belong to a race with  gene contributions from
 major races of the world.

Skin color varies  from the very fair (almost
Caucasion fairness) , to the pitch black (even blacker
than the blackest Black in USA), with most of us
ending up with varying shades of intermediate Brown.

We are a people with wildly varying food habits.
That includes the normal vegetarians, the "pure"
vegetarians, the fussy vegetarians, the fanatic
vegetarians, the "eggetarians", the selective
non-vegetarians, the sly non-vegetarians and the
ravenous omnivores. All of us co - exist.

(Mail me privately for what "sly non-vegetarian" 
means. Indians on this list will of course catch on

I therefore find it interesting that in USA, a country
with only a third of our population, populated mostly
by one race(Caucasian), practicing mostly only one
religion (Christianity), and speaking mostly one
language (English), eating mostly one type of food
(non-vegetarian), no caste system, and with only two
political parties, (Democrats and Republicans)  you
too have a "class" problem and some of you feel
discriminated against while others stoutly maintain
that none exists.

May be the human race is intrinsically divisive.
Even if the Creator had made us all uniform, we will
somehow ferret out our differences and band together
in groups to feel different from others.

G Vishwanath
Bangalore, India

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