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Equal Tension/Comprression Capacity Device

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What is the structural device called that resists axial loads, both tension
and compression, and has similar stiffness and ductile capacity in either
tension or compression?  The tension is resisted by a steel rod; the
compression is resisted by the same steel rod, but compression buckling
element is prevented by continuous confinement of the rod within a sleeve.
The picture that I have in my mind [which may or may not be accurate] is of
the rod being installed in the center an un-bonded concrete-fill in a pipe;
the buckling capacity of the pipe is greater that the yield strength of the
rod so that the rod is forced to yield in compression at about the same
stress as it yields in tension.  Are there manufacturers of such a device?
Is there literature on its performance.

Nels Roselund, SE
South San Gabriel, CA

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