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Re: The Failing of the Professional [engineering] Organizations - Redux

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Bob Johnson  writes:

Attention  SEAINT list members:

I know many of you would like to terminate the discussion of "The Failings of the Professional [engineering]  Organizations."

The message  thread  got off  track  and  way off subject....................

But let me return to the discussion.  This issue is NOT  going away!
At least not for me  (and maybe a a few other on this list)!

I lifted this from the Summer newsletter of   NEWSLETTER



Chairperson's Report by S. Galletta, P.E.

In my last report to you, I described how the issue of offshore outsourcing
(i.e. sending American jobs overseas) had become a hot political topic. This
issue has been brewing for many years but given recent advances in
technology, the offshoring of American jobs has hit a crisis stage. It has
affected computer and IT Engineers particularly hard, but its impact has
been felt by all segments of the Engineering Profession, as well as by other
sectors of the economy. The trend to offshore jobs will continue at an
ever-increasing pace if Engineers and others impacted by this trend do not
take political action to mitigate its effects. If we leave it up to our
politicians and industry leaders, offshoring will continue apace without any
thought or concern given to the detrimental effects to those Engineers and
others who are affected by it.

>From reading the many e-mails I receive, it seems there are a lot of angry
Engineers out there.
They are angry not only at the government, but also at the Engineering Societies that are supposed to represent their interests. In addition to the anger, there are a variety of opinions as to what needs to be done. There is a lot of frustration and disillusionment with the major
Engineering Societies that represent our Profession.

disarray in the Engineering Profession concerning this critical issue of offshore outsourcing clearly shows the need for the leaders in our
Profession, especially the leaders of the major Engineering Societies, i.e.
NSPE, ASCE, IEEE, ASME, etc., to take the lead and try to unify our
Only then can we adequately address this and other critical
challenges to our Profession. The time is ripe for initiating this effort.
AEA is ready to work with our colleagues to further the goal of unifying the
Engineering Profession
. We are at the forefront of this effort in the New
York Metropolitan region. However, for this effort to be successful it needs
the active participation of all the Engineering Societies and it has to be
done at the national level.
If the leaders of the various Engineering
Societies do not lead and initiate this undertaking, then the rank and file members have to force their leaders to take this action.


For  information on  AEA    visit their    website:


Chairperson - Salvatore Galletta, P.E.

Secretary - Louis Comunelli,


suggested  reading: