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RE: Equal Tension/Comprression Capacity Device

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The unbonded brace was developed by Nipon Steel and used extensively in
Japan.  It is my understanding that in Japan there are several competing

A talk was given on the Unbonded brace at UC Berkeley in the late 80's or
early 90's which ultimately lead to its use on a project at UC Davis. 
Subsequently other firms have come into the market and the code writers
decided to refer to these systems as Buckling Restrained Braced Frames.  

When the initial project was designed there was an alternate to use
conventional braces and they found that the cost premium if any was small.

Mark Gilligan

The BRBF is one of the most interesting developments to come along in
years. Nippon did the development, and it looked good on paper. But the
costs were high and you had to do business with Nippon only. Then SME steel
figured out a way to manufacture the BRBF without stepping on patent
infringement. SME steel then spawned both Star Seismic and Core Brace (both
located in Utah). Core Brace is still umbillically tied to SME, but Star
Seismic is more of an independent entity.

The beauty of the product is that it gets me back to the smaller gusset
plates with no yield line stuff. It relieves the various nagging problems
of Special Concentric Braced Frames, and Ordinary Concentric Braced Frames.
I would give it the official "sliced bread" analogy.

Harold Sprague

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