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Re: The failings ... I second the motion!

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Gary Hodgson & Associates wrote:

On the other hand, I've also heard from someone who is only a cog in a big corporate wheel who fears for his job and fears to speak out.
I have no bone to pick with "corporate America" nor do I think they are the "root of all evil"--corporations have no souls, and are not living, so they can't be "evil." Corporations are simply groups of stockholders who hire people to run the business for them so they can receive the income from their investment, nothing more. The idea that they're out to "rule the world" is pretty silly, given that the "majority owners" of such enterprises are e.g. teachers' retirement funds and 401k aggregators.

That said, I cannot work in a corporate environment, period. It would be easier to say that "I hate the container lifestyle," or whatever, but the fact is that I'm too outspoken, to stubborn and bullheaded, and too undiplomatic. On at least two occasions I "rose" to a managerial rank only to "screw up" because I naively believed that "speaking up" was a "good thing," when it clearly was not. And I accept responsibility for what happened to me in that instance, because when you're in the other guy's crib you gotta play by their rules (a little Jim Rome lingo there). I couldn't play by the rules. I was bored and fidgety, and totally ineffective. I finally acceded to the fact that I am "ADHD" or whatever, and I have to be in an environment where I'm engaged.

The clear road for me was self-employment, and it has mostly worked out okay. You have to remember that "no matter where you go, there you are" (more pop-culture references, this time "Buckaroo Banzai." Please pardon my fugue). I have dragged along many of my foibles with me, of course, and I have to make sure I take measures to "stay on task." I've been late on projects before simply from taking on too much work or getting side-tracked by things I WANTED to do at that moment. At least this time I'm only letting myself down--because the client isn't paying for my time, he's paying for my effort. I sleep better at night knowing that.

Sorry for showing my underwear but I think about this stuff a lot and it's good to hear other perspectives.

Those of you who are "stuck" in a corporate environment, all you really need to do is ask these questions of yourself: "Am I happy where I am? Do I feel that I'm contributing to a worthy effort as well as gaining skills that I value for the future?" If the answers are "yes" then stay where you are and don't let anyone dog you about "workin' for the Man."

But if you know within yourself that you aren't happy, maybe it's time to reassess what you can and should be doing. I made the decision to strike out and I've NEVER regretted it. My situation was made easier for having been "pushed," but the motivation is only a side-issue. Simply know that if someone as "uneven" as I am--pretty good engineering skills, fair people skills, "needs improvement" in organizational skills--if I can do it, you probably can, too.

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