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solo eng. stuff cont....

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Thanks to all the listers that have emailed me some great advice, from scopes to taxes. I have been told by one of my clients' accts dept that I am NOT subject to back withholding. The W-9 is such a simple form, this was the only real question on it. Of course I figure if I am or I am not subject, the IRS will tell me if I am in the wrong.
Also, to any solo engineers shopping around for health insurance, I just was on the phone for about 45 minutes with Humana, and they have a really good plan with good rates (IMHO) for small business owners. It is going to be almost 1/3 of what I was paying under my old company's plan through COBRA, and there is not much drop off in coverage. Now this all depends on a hundred different factors, but thought I would put it out there anyway: it is called HumanaOne, you can go to or 1-800-833-1639. And no, I have no links to Humana through friends or otherwise, I actually got it through junk mail. Guess that stuff works, as much as I am against it.
Thanks again,
Andrew Kester, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
Lake Mary, FL