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Understand Bowles & Machine

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Some of you answered my question regarding machine foundation design.  Perhaps you can help me interpret the output of Bowles computer program for dynamic analysis of machine foundation.  I understand it pretty much except for the last items on his output.  For those of you with the 5th edition of “Foundation Analysis and Design”, Page 1117 starts his typical output.  The last 2 items on the last line are YP/YS and YP.  I have searched for several hours through the chapter and can’t figure out how he comes up with these numbers.


This is what I assume;

YP – maximum amplitude from the dynamic load

YP/YS – result from some calculation done by the computer.  It is most likely the substitute for a graph reading.

YS – I’m not sure what this is.  Page 1120 shows an equation but I can’t find out where it came from or what it really is.  It is the vertical force divided by the spring constant.  Is this a static force amplitude?


Appreciate any insight you may have.