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Some Sanctions on Iranian Authors Removed

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Dear Colleague: FYI, the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States Department of the Treasury has issued a "General License for Publishing Activities" that removes some of the restrictions for Cuban, Iranian and Sudanese authors to publish in the United States. More information on the new changes can be found in the following URLs and elsewhere:

Press Release by the Treasury Department at:

Full text of the new licence in the Federal Registrar:

News Release as posted at the PEN American Center:

This license , which became effective December 17, 2004 , is a welcome move since scientists and engineers in Iran, a very seismically active country, will be able to share their scientific and technological findings in all fields including structural engineering, seismology and earthquake engineering with us in U.S.

As we near the first anniversary of the December 25, 2003 Bam-Iran earthquake, when more than 27,000 perished, after wishing God's mercy on those souls, I cannot think of better recognition for our colleagues in Iran who so rapidly provided the world earthquake engineering community with accurate damage reports and invaluable ground motion records from Bam earthquake. Only through these exchange of information and sharing of our knowledge in seismic hazard reduction throughout the world, we can hope that one day we will be able to prevent so many people from being buried alive whenever there is a relatively strong earthquake somewhere in those parts of the world.

Best wishes for holidays and for a very happy, safe and peaceful world in 2005!

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