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RE: Live load reduction and load combinations

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Title: Live load reduction and load combinations


I can’t answer your question, which by the way is a good question, but I don’t think you can reduce the snow load for tributary area.  Not sure that is what you are doing with the snow load, but it kind of reads that way.


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Subject: Live load reduction and load combinations


I just had a discussion with a co-worker and want to be sure of how I am designing.  I am designing an interior footing supporting a column with a large tributary area (2000 sq. ft.).  My reduced floor live load is 50% of the unreduced live load (100 psf in a non-assembly area).  I am using a reduced roof live load of 12 psf.  When I check Dead + Live + Roof Live, my load combination is D+3/4(L+Lr).  I am checking other combinations too, such as D+3/4(L+S).  I’m using IBC 2003.

My question is, can I apply the ¾ load combination factor on the reduced floor live load and the reduced roof live load (or snow load)?  My co-worker says that I am effectively using less than the minimum reduced live load which is 50% of the unreduced live load (3/4*0.5*L=0.375*L).  But the way I read it, these are two separate issues and I am not violating the code.  First, you calculate the reduced live load, checking the maximum reduction, then you put that load in the load combinations and design the footing for the result.

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