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It all depends on what you are used to.  I find metric
easier to work with, but I grew up with Imperial and
still think in Imperial terms.  Unfortunately (from a
metric view), I live close to the US border so that
there is a lot of cross-border trade with the people on
the south side wanting to speak "english"-Toyota's words
not mine. Everbody works in feet in this area and yet I
have spoken to people in other parts of the US who work
only in inches.  Get further away from the border on the
Canadian side and metric is used more.  Only time will
cure the problem.

On 22 Dec 2004 at 19:18, ASC wrote:

> If you forget about that silly feet and switch to inches instead, and
> inches only, you will make your life easier and less mistakes.
> I am not trying to talk you into metrication.
> But when I see 'feet' I laugh...
> Sincerely, Gregory

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