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Fw: Minimum Reinforcing for thick slab on ground

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The first thing to ask is "is this a STRUCTURAL slab?".  If this is a simple slab on grade without significant shears or moments then it is not governed by ACI 318.  If this IS a structural slab, then the temperature steel is only required normal to the flexural reinforcement.  Note also that there is no reason to put it all in the top and for a slab this thick you would probably want to split it top and bottom.

That said, realize a slab this thick will generate a lot of internal heat and a mesh of rebar top and bottom is a very good idea regardless of what the code says.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting

"Rich Lewis" <sea(--nospam--at)>

12/23/2004 07:20 AM

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Minimum Reinforcing for thick slab on ground

I am designing a concrete mat, 3 ft. thick, which will serve as the top of slab as well.  My questions is do I need to provide the minimum top steel of 0.0018% of gross area for shrinkage control based on the overall depth?  Is there a reduction for this for extremely thick slabs?



Rich Lewis
Lewis Engineering