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Re: Interpreting Analysis Results

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On Dec 27, 2004, at 12:38 PM, Michael L. Hemstad wrote:

I'd love to hear the real answer, but that's the one I was given.  In
fairness, I didn't entirely trust it then and I still don't now.
You'll probably need to go into a book like Timoshenko's book on plates and shells. Twisting moments really do have almost no effect compared to transverse loads because plates are so stiff in twisting, compared to out of plane deformations.

on that same day, I asked what side of the slab the reinforcing should
go on.  We never did figure out the sign convention, and she advised me
to put the same rebar on both sides.
You ought to be able to figure out the bending direction form the equilibrium of a single plate element. Pull a couple out of the output listing and make a free-body diagram. Most of the FEA software I used shows a sketch somewhere in the docs indicating the directions of the output loads.

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