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RE: Cranes: Curved Track Monorail

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Blodgett has a chart, curve, formulae in the back of his "Design of Welded Structures" book.  There are some additional formulas I have for concentrated and distributed loads which has end conditions different than those of Blodgett .  The end conditions are very important.  Blodgett's chart assumes fixed against rotation in all three directions.  Roark & Young have a series of formulas concerning the subject.  Just make sure your modeling of end conditions matches what you design.  After your formulas provide your forces and moments, then you use the AISC publication, formerly Bethlehem Steel's publication, Torsional Design of Steel.

Glenn C. Otto, P.E.
A Structural Engineer
Virginia Beach, VA

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Subject: Cranes: Curved Track Monorail

What I am dealing with is a curved track, underhung hoist, monorail.  I plan
on using an S-shape for the monorail in hopes of saving $$$ over the use of
"patented track."  (a little input on this issue is welcomed)  The problem
that I am concerned about is the horizontal curve in the track.

Pending I satisfy the minimum curve requirements for the hoist (which is 10'
and I am using 15'), when it comes time for analysis, am I still looking at
a straight up crain monorail analysis or is there any special consideration
that I should account for with the curve???  Do I need more support
structure for the curve???  I've designed crane support structures and
monorails in the past, but never any that have curves in them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

David Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming
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