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Re: Tsunami

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On Dec 27, 2004, at 12:35 AM, G Vishwanath wrote:

I am taking the liberty to post a copy of my reply to
a private mail received from a friend and well-wisher
I haven't replied to posts on the tsunami because words seem too weak. Sorrow and sympathy are things you feel when someone's grandmother dies; no one I know of can possibly imagine something of this sort, let alone express a response in an e-mail. On the other hand, all the anguish, as well as the unselfishness, I've watched on CNN makes me want to say something.

This is nothing but Nature indulging in "terrorism".
Nature does what it must. Humankind does what it wants--and wastes the world's time and money on worthless shit like cruise missiles and nuclear warheads and suicide vests and moronic religious arguments over trifles. Governments and corporations and gangs of religious lunatics find the money for cluster bombs and AK-47s and RPGs while Sumatran children wade in sewage without clean drinking water waiting for cholera to show up. You tell me which does terrorism. I'm not the most pious man who ever slept late on a Sunday, but I do believe that the Osamas and Rumsfelds and ayatollahs and bishops and CEO's and the rest of the world's scribes and pharisees will be asked some day why they dared to fight a stupid, evil war on December 28, 2004 instead of getting together to replace fishing boats and rebuild villages. Placating nature will be the last thing on their minds.

Just musing a bit myself, Vish, while we wait to hear from some of my son's Indonesian friends. (Java and Bali, not Sumatra, thank God.)

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