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CFS gage on drawings

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I'm am trying to get an idea of what others are doing in practice.  I have
completed a couple of jobs where I showed the size and gage of exterior
non-loadbearing CFS wall studs in section (or gave the architect a gage for
his sections).  The contractor bids on the job using that gage, the CFS
manufacturer completes the design which changes some of these sizes, and the
contractor submits a change order for the difference.  Since I am ultimately
not responsible for the final design of these elements, I am leaning towards
not giving a gage on drawings in the future.  I assume that this would
require a bidding contractor to have the CFS sub do a preliminary design for
pricing, but it would relieve me from the responsibility.  Is this standard
practice?  What if the architect insists on showing the gage?

The reason that I ask is that I keep getting burned.  For example, I told an
architect that 20 gage 6" studs were adequate behind a brick veneer with 10'
flr to flr.  I checked the studs for L/600 deflection and bending, and they
were fine, but it turns out that there is a requirement in the masonry code
for 18 gage min.  Over a large project, the increased cost becomes rather

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
Brad Byrom

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