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Re: Applicable Building Codes in Texas

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Caldwell, Stan wrote:

As you might have read in many posts over the past few years, there is no building code covering the unincorporated areas of Texas. Unless your facility is located within a municipality, there is no building code and there never has been one. If your facility is located within a municipality, then you should call (on the telephone) the building official in that municipality and document whatever he/she tells you. Today, most cities in Texas have adopted IBC. Some still use UBC, and a few along the Gulf Coast still cling to SBC. However, it it best to call and ask, rather than guess.

Apropos of nothing, it ought to be noted that Pasadena--where several petro-chem facilities are located, still uses the BOCA National Building Code! (Though they might have been considering going to IBC; one rumor I heard is that a city councilman is recommending NFPA!)

Things are not only bigger in Texas, they're more complicated.

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