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Re: 9.0 Earthquake

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I think everyone is more interested in surviving and saving lives! Also, they do not know what was destroyed by the tsunami and what was destroyed by the earthquake directly.

The only comment I have seen about earthquake damage was about the collapse of the dome of a mosque in Sigli in the earthquake rather than in the tsunami. Sigli is a fishing village about 100km east of Banda Aceh on the northern coast of Summatra.

The nearest city is Banda Aceh which is about 300 km from the epicenter. It does not have many, if any,  buildings over 3 floors. All of the towns closer to the epicenter are small fishing villages mainly with timber houses and some 2 floor brick shops and houses. But the closest is still about 250km from the epicenter. Some of these villages are completely destroyed but no-one knows which of the 2 problems was the cause at this stage and probably never will as most of the people there are dead. There is little industry in the area and no tall buildings. The closest major city is Medan and it is on the other side of Summatra and several hundred kilometers away. Apparently there was no major damage there.

At 11:38 AM 31/12/2004, you wrote:
Why don't I see anything in the news about what damage the 9.0 earthquake did to nearby towns and cities? The media is inundated by news about the tsunami, which was pretty devistating in itself, but I have not read anything about any damage due to the earthquake which was 1000 time stronger than the recent earthquakes experienced here on the central coast of California within the last year. It was strong enough to increase the rotation of the eath and increase the wobble obout the earths axis. You would think something of that magnitude would do some structural damage nearby.
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