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Re: welding to structure painted with lead base paint

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Depends on how you define "small job".  We recently had a fairly involved project rehabilitating a steel structure with lead paint and the lead paint removal required a special firm similar to asbestos removal prior to the steel workers being allowed to come in and perform their work.  I am not sure if this was a CAL-OSHA requirement or would be typical outside of California.
Either way, you can simply add a note that the existing structure is lead paint and the contractor is required to comply with all applicable local, county, state abatement requirements.  Make it noticeable so it is picked up for bid and your responsibility is complete.  It is not the engineer's job to instruct the contractor how to provide lead paint abatement.
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Subject: welding to structure painted with lead base paint

We have a little project that involves attaching to a structure that is likely to have been painted with lead paint.  The structure is outside and the work will be 50 feet above grade.  It is not a big job and I wouldn't normally worry about this, but my client is concerned and wants to make sure that we do what is required by whatever agency would control this (EPA?).  Have any of you gone through this and can point me in the right direction?  I would like to cover it in a catch-all note and be done with it if possible.
Thanks in advance.
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