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Re: Thickened slab detail

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I don't remember a reference to the Army manual in the PCA book; however, the publication is TM 5-809-12, Concrete Floor Slabs on Grade Subjected to Heavy Loads, published in August, 1987 and is available for free download at:
As a side note, though,  I think the publication (although often cited, quoted, and recommended) is fairly worthless.  There is little to no documentation as to how they arrived at the equations they present, and no indication as to who wrote the manual or their qualifications.  My favorite sentence is this one, section 3-3,  Stationary Live Loads:
"Floor slabs on grade should have adequate structural live loads."
Unfortunately, the document is often cited, quoted, and recommended because it is free and thus easily accessible.  "Free", of course, meaning paid for by tax dollars.
The not-free PCA Concrete Floors on Ground manual is, in my opinion, equally worthless.  A thickened slab edge, although it has the advantage of increasing the amount of cement used, can significantly increase the cost of grading, and significantly increase the potential for shrinkage cracking.
Gail Kelley