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controlling vibration on existing steel joist floor

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(Sory if a repost)

Does any one have recommendation on controlling vibration on existing steel joist floor.

The floor is supporting pool tables in a open room with no partitions.

The floor system is concrete (do not know the thickness) over metal deck supported by 24? deep joist (Vulcraft 11 J 2 per attached tag) spaced at 24? O.C. with a clear span of approximately 48 ft.

The contractor is subjecting the addition of a mid span support with some posts to the room bellow to reduce the joist?s span. I am concern that the added support will negatively affect the joist by inducing negative moments at mid span although the joist members (top / bottom chord & web members) appear to be constant thru the length of the joist.

Any comments will be appreciate.

Thank you,

Pedro Khouri, P.E.

Coral Springs, FL

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