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RE: LRFD Manual Ex 5.1 page 5-12 to 5-16

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See below.

Wesley C. Werner

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Subject: LRFD Manual Ex 5.1 page 5-12 to 5-16


AISC LRFD 3rd ed. (first print) has a basic steel beam design strength example 5.1 on a braced; 1/3 points braced; and ends brace only conditions.

On page 5-13,  the shear capacity should be multiplied by 0.6 according with Eq F2-1 (see page 16.1-35) which becomes 152.2 kips instead of 254.  Is that correct? 152. kips is correct. This item carries on 4
places in this example.

On page 5-14, the Rho(b)M(r) is 205 kip-ft.  However, numbers used in Eq F1-2 is 250.  Is that a typo?  When I run the numbers, I get 205 kip-ft

On page 5-15, the 2*(L(b)/r(y)) inside the square root should be squared. While I can't find it in the errata, you appear to be correct.

Is there an errata site for these kind of questions?



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