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Re: pile lateral analysis programs

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I have not used ALLPILE.

I am familiar with the sofwares peddled by Ensoft.
Ensoft sells LPILE for single pile analysis, SHAFT for
piles under vertical loads and GROUP5 for lateral load
analysis. In other words all the three programs are
required for completness. These programs are not user
friendly. It takes some effort to understand data
input. Frequent references to the refrence manual are

I visited the ALLPILE program vendor's web site and
downloaded the demo version of the program. A quick
review made me come to a favorable conclusion for it.
This one program costs about 1/3 to 1/4 of the price
one would pay for the three programs noted in above
paragraph. ALLPILE has several more options than what
may be available in the suite of LPILE, SHAFT and
GROUP5. Based on thsoe two issues alone, I would favor
ALLPILE. If I get a chance to run some mock up problem
with the demo version of ALLPILE, I will let you know
my further opinion. 

--- Bruce Holcomb <bholcomb(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> Can anybody compare / contrast L-Pile vs. All-Pile
> design programs?
> Have you had any experiences that using one or the
> other is more
> difficult or more difficult to get the required
> input from the Geotech?
> On one of our current projects, the Geotech has
> provided input for use
> with L-Pile to analyze the piles for lateral loads
> and I don't know
> enough about these programs to know if the input
> parameters would be
> valid for either program.
> I have attached some websites to each, if that is
> helpful.
> Thanks!
> Lpile plus 5.0
> All-Pile
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