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Modifying an existing roof truss

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Just got this in today and I'm running into a couple of snags.  Here's the

There are roof trusses for an existing building that were designed for
specific loads.  The contractor wants to hang a soffit from these room
trusses.  The "specific loads" that the roof truss was designed for did not
include the additional loading from the soffit.  The truss's construction is
almost entirely of machine graded lumber and the joints are using those
"spike plates" (I don't know the technical term for them) that were
installed with a machine press.

Now, I can analyze the wood materials for the additional.  The problem that
I am running into is with these spike plates.  After talking with the
manufacturer and the original designer, it appears that this is something
that is automatically designed with their computer programs.  I don't have
the luxury of this.  I was wondering if there was any information out there
for engineers, like myself, who are put into such a position, and need to
verify the capacities of these connections.  Does anyone have any
information on this???  Thanks for the assistance.

Dave Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming
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