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Re: pile lateral analysis programs

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I find that Group, the sister program of L-Pile, is a very good practical
design and analysis tool when you are looking at laterally loaded piles.
FB-Pier is probably even better. I don't know All-Pile.

The theory that underlies the behavior of laterally loaded piles is not
that complicated, but the practical implementation of it requires software.
If you have decent input information, they aren't that hard to use, and are
extremely useful in understanding the pile lateral behavior. One way that
they are especially useful is in seeing how pile batter adds bending
stresses to the pile. I have integrated Group and FB Pier into most of my
bridge foundation and seismic work.

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Can anybody compare / contrast L-Pile vs. All-Pile design programs?  Have
you had any experiences that using one or the other is more difficult or
more difficult to get the required input from the Geotech?  On one of our
current projects, the Geotech has provided input for use with L-Pile to
analyze the piles for lateral loads and I don’t know enough about these
programs to know if the input parameters would be valid for either program.

I have attached some websites to each, if that is helpful.


Lpile plus 5.0


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