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RE: a few good engineers

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Wow, Warren, that was shear genius. One of the best written pieces on the list this year, if not, since I have read it. Almost as good as a Bill vs Dennis steel cage political discussion, but not as tense, and much more funny.
Not to take anything away from you, but it is a bit unsettling how many times you have seen that flick to have that memorized, or did you download the written scene from somewhere.
Hmmm, anyone want a Pulp Fiction version like that? I just saw that new movie with Samuel Jackson (it was as bad as the commercials, but he was great), and I can almost hear him saying, "Hmmm, well then, allow me to retort. You have hired me, a professional, to do a job. I intend to do that job, but if you..."
Ahhh, it is no fun if you cannot swear.