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The Most Prolific Thread Award (Was: Are Roof Top Units considered Dead or Live Loads?)

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Paul Ransom wrote:

From: "Dennis S. Wish, PE" <dennis.wish(--nospam--at)>

Many people still rely upon them as the main source of cooling in the
desert, we have two systems using the evaporative cooler until it gets
above 110-degrees, then we switch to a conventional central A/C.<br>

110 degrees! That's boiling point in Boulder isn't it?

We just shovel some of the stored snow onto the roof in the summer ...

Geez, how does this happen?

This thread has now been nominated (by me) as the "most prolific thread based on a simple question with a simple one-sentence answer ever to have appeared on SEAINT" award. Anyone second?

Seriously, I'm amazed at how many posts to this thread there have been. What's up wid'dat?

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