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Re: Concrete Achor Bolts in Shear

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As a fellow PDX engineer, I am also struggling with the Appendix D of ACI 318-02. It looked like a robust and fairly straight forward method at first, but the feedback so far is that it gives some strange results in certain situations. I ran a quick number with your criteria, and I come up with 1.67k shear capacity, but that is an ultimate capacity, before I apply the seismic reduction. With those two considered, I get a capacity of 0.895k. The prescriptive table for embedded bolts in the 97UBC has the value at 1.633k with the edge dist reduction, but can be increased to 2.172k for seismic. I always thought the values from this table were overly conservative, and always calculated my own, but this no longer appears to be a good strategy.

If we are calculating our values correctly for App D, I think there may be a serious problem with it. I would request that anyone with further information on the use of this method please post comments to the list.

Dmitri Wright, PE
Portland, OR

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