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Re: tsunami 2...

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David Fisher wrote:


So, if it’s like my house, that process takes about an hour!

You need to get TiVO…I got it and now I get to watch all my shows on Discovery

And Learning Channel after everybody goes to bed…”

/“Dad…I wanna watch cartoons…!”/

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Last night on PBS, NATURE covered Hawaii's risk to Tsunami's. I, unfortunately, was unable to watch much of the show. It happens to coincide with the time we "start" putting by kids in bed.



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You are right, as a tsunami is more or less caused by a singular earth rattling event, it does not have a "period" so much as a very, very large wavelength. (Right? This is the right term?)

What I am meaning is, unlike a normal wave with a 8-15 second period (or whatever), a tsunami likely has a very LARGE wavelength, and thus acts as a large mass of water, not something that could curl and break on a reef like a normal wave.... SO, even though places like Maui or Oahu have outer breaks that can handle 30ft+ waves, a tsunami wave would be much different due to the width of the wave.....

Again, if anyone knows of an organization where they need SEs to go and review the damage, let me know.....

Andrew Kester, PE
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I too got Tivo (Direct TV DVR is the same thing) and lost control of my TV to my wife who, for nearly 25 years never turned the tube on. She discovered the Home Channel, Christopher Lowe, Clean Sweep, "neat".... I was only able to hook up one line from the dish to my Tivo (normally you can record one while watching another) because the media and bedroom walls are located in the middle of the home. So I, who must have a television on no matter what - I can't work without the distraction - can not watch what I want but must watch people on the dish doing what I design for a living and this is too much building and remodeling.
Anyone want to buy my Tivo? (just kidding, my wife would kill me!)


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