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Seeing so many expressions of doubt and hesitation
it is difficult not to make the following comment.
Suppose we have a single wave of disturbance
passing through a medium, like a surface wave on water,
resulting from an underwater shock. The event is
non-periodic from vibration viewpoint. Yet, we speak
of a (half) period, which means the time it takes
for this wave to go past a fixed point.
(the word 'half' was used like we do it for one lobe
of a sine wave. It is a half-wave.)
Even stranger, people who work in rock blasting speak
of "frequency" with regard to a single wave. What they
really mean is the inverse of a period.
So go ahead and use 'period' without hesitation.
When an observer moves from point to point,
he sees the wave come and go time after time, doesn't he?
Sincerely, Gregory
Dr Gregory Szuladzinski
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