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Extending concrete filled HSS columns

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I need to extend the tops of existing concrete filled
6x6 HSS column sections by about 30" to reframe a
roof.  We originally intended to weld the extensions
on, but this will be greatly complicated by factors
such as exposing the inside of the ceiling to weld
sparks while the building is in service.  Asbestos
insulation, etc...

I am considering drilling into the top of the existing
concrete filled column and epoxy anchoring a bolt in
place.  Then the tube extension can be bolted down.

Does anyone have a similar design experience with some
lessons learned?  I am concerned that the existing
posts might have steel caps on top - which we won't
know until construction begins.  I am also concerned
about ensuring alignment and achieveing a solid
bearing from tube to tube, not knowing the finish
detail of the exising columns.

Dead and snow load are the governing design
conditions.  Wind and seismic are there, but won't be
a significant factor.

Jim Wilson, PE
Stroudsburg, PA

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