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There isn't a Code criteria for deflection, not that I have ever found. I don't think the Codes consider it an everyday use of the handrail for a bunch of people to be leaning on it, so deflection is not in mind, just strength. I would of course be careful with glass deflection though.

Will Haynes, P.E.

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Subject: Re: Handrails...
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 12:00:06 -0900

David Fisher wrote:

List members:

What is the allowable deflection for a handrail?

I'm reviewing the misc metal guy's calcs and he's getting 1.75"

For a 42" high railing on a balcony 10" long (wide).

Seems excessive to me.

I don't believe there is any code requirement for deflection, just the loads that are to be applied. The deflection of 1.75" is about L/48. The handrail may be strong enough, but deflection like that might scare
someone who leaned against it suddenly.

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