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Re: OT - Does spelling really count?

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Jim Getaz wrote:

		I could read your message. However, I did not read as easily
as I normally do. So while a misspelled word here and there may not matter,
a lot slow me down.
	Jim Getaz
	Winchester, Virginia

My wife originally sent this to me and I added some to it. I had no problem reading it. My problems come from placement of punctuation rather than spelling. I generally understand what the person is trying to say and don't consider the slow down to be at all cumbersome. However, if there is a distinct change in thought or interruption that should be handled by punctuation then I find that I am not fully comprehending what the writer wants me to understand.

The point was that this is an International List. This was a good exercise in understanding that English might not be the writers first language and tolerance is important since many of us, and I am included in this list, do not speak a second language. I have great respect for those who can switch between two or more languages and can easily forgive spelling errors. Spelling is my greatest problem - If not for the spelling checker, my spelling would be atrocious and English is my only language.


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