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RE: mix and match - repost

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What is your basis for saying that it is "implied" that one must use the
IBC Simplified Procedure in order to apply the reduction? This is under
"General Design Requirements" - thus, it seems to me that this provision
would apply to all allowable methods for determining C&C wind pressures.

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	Subject: mix and match - repost
	is anybody out there? 
	footnote f for ibc 2003 table 1604.3 allows reducing the wind by
30% when considering deflections. it seems implied that in order to use
this reduction, one needs to be using the design procedure presented in
the ibc (the simplified one). *** i know the ibc references asce ***

	is it wrong to use this reduction in combination with the
detailed procedure presented in asce 7-02? it seems like it would be
since i think the simplified procedures gives higher values than the
detailed procedure. maybe the footnote should say "0.7 * W when using
the simplified procedure and 0.85 * W when using the detailed


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