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RE: FEMA / IRC Braced Panels

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Dennis, or others -

Does anyone know more about how FEMA goes about "managing emergencies?"
Dennis mentions that they provide low interest loans to people who have had
damage to their homes or property during an Angry Nature event.  I don't see
how that would affect tax payers, unless people were defaulting on their
loans.  I did however hear a report on NPR recently talking about how FEMA
was down in Florida and the Gulf after the recent hurricanes cutting checks
like it was money away, not loans.  One person they
interviewed said she got a couple hundred dollars for her "water damaged
couch" wink,wink, that her husband probably spilled beer on every night.
According to her, the better the story you could invent, the more free money
you got...a little neighborhood-wide competition she said.

Eli Grassley
PSM Engineers

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... the homeowner is 
the one who is hit first in out-of-pocket deductibles. All of us are hit 
with the remainder when FEMA and other emergency management agencies 
come into play to provide low interest loans that the rest of the 
population must bear. It's not welfare, but our available assets could 
be better protected by improving the quality and performance of 
construction by restricting the IRC to low risk regions.

Dennis S. Wish, PE

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