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Hi David,
1.75" is definitely way too much. for residential balconies we use the 20 lb/lf of handrail lateral loading, and for exit ways the 50lb/lf. L.A. code also requires 200 lb applied at any point. any of these load combinations should result in a lateral deflection consistent with structural components. I haven't found a definitive criteria, so I have used an L/360, since this represents a transient load. The 42"  used as the 'span' gives a maximum allowable deflection of 0.12" for given design loads. If the ends of the handrail are anchored, say to a return wall or other part of the main structure, limiting the handrail deflection at midspan (10 ft as you stated) should be easily possible.
Best regards,

Thomas Honles, SE, PE
Los Angeles, CA

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What is the allowable deflection for a handrail?
I'm reviewing the misc metal guy's calcs and he's getting 1.75"
For a 42" high railing on a balcony 10" long (wide).
Seems excessive to me.
Any thoughts?
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