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RE: Handrails... RE: ...a couple more details...

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The 50 plf requirement seems to imply that the railing is part of an exit way. LABC, based on UBC97 and CBC2001 states in 1611.1 to refer to Table 16-B, which states that 50 plf (730N/m) lateral loading is to be used for exitways serving occupant loads greater than 50. In addition, but not cumulatively or simultaneously, the entire railing system must resist 200lb (890N) applied in any direction, at any point. LABC gives no specific deflection criteria, as section 1613 lends no help for vertical components.
I am not familiar with CFR29, but I would suspect a linear lateral load requirement may also be there.

Best regards,

Thomas Honles, SE, PE
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I think the 50 plf on the top rail is a little on the conservative side.  Many of my handrails I have done using the CFR29, and that states a single 200 lbs  concentrated horizontal force applied anywhere to the top rail.  It also give recommendations as to what a handrail should be built as and out of, but I won't get into that.  That may help  you with your analysis.

Dave Maynard, PE
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Sorry gang,
The 1.75” deflection is lateral due to a 50 plf load on the top rail
Applied horizontally.
Sure would help if I supplied all the info, huh?
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