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Re: aci 318-02 vs. 318-99

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There are SIGNIFICANT differences between ACI 318-99 and ACI-02.  You will
not be able to "just pencil in the changes".

Now, you can debate whether or not the significant changes will affect the
things that you are dealing with on the exam.  A lot of the "fundatmental"
code provisions on concrete design will be the same.  There are some
changes in this area, but you have the option of still using the "old

The big changes are:

- The load factors in the main body of the code now are the same as what
is in ASCE 7 (i.e. 1.2 for dead rather than 1.4).  These are the load
factors that are in Appendix C (I believe) in the 1999 Edition.  The "old"
load factors have been moved in to the Appendix in the 2002 Edition.
- The "unified method" has been move from the Appendix B (I believe) to
the main body of the code for 2002.  This is the method for determining
the phi factor for members that have bending and/or axial load.  The phi
factor varies depending on the strains.  The "old" method was moved to the
- The old Appendix A (alternate design method...aka working stress design)
has been eliminated and replaced with a new Appendix on strut-and-tie
- There is a new Appendix D that gives provisions on anchorage to concrete
(i.e. anchor bolts).
- There are signigicant changes to Chapter 21 (seismic provisions).  The
biggest ones are new lateral systems.

So, I would definitely suggest that you get ACI 318-02.

As to the MSJC (ACI 530), there are some significant changes from 99 to
02.  ACI 530-02 now includes strength design provisions and either
includes or updates prestress masonry (don't remember for sure).  Again a
lot of the "basic" design stuff is largely the same, but there could be a
major item that is not the same that could cause you problems.  It is more
likely that you can "pencil in" changes that may effect you on the exam,
but I would still recommend getting the new version.


Adrian, MI

On Fri, 14 Jan 2005, Jason Atwood wrote:

> Hello:
> I am gathering materials for the PE exam in april. The structural standards include aci 318-02 and aci 530-02. My question is how different are these from the '99 editions. In the interest of saving money is it realistic to pencil in the changes from '99 to '02 ( 318-02 is on reserve at the local university, aci 530-02 is not). Any heads up will be greatly appreciated.
> S.
> Jason A.
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