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Re: IRC Braced Panels

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Ted Ryan wrote:

I personally do not stamp IRC houses.  I only stamp if there is engineering
involved and I produced the plans.  I have reviewed plans and written memos
describing whether I thought that a house met the IRC, but I would not stamp
the plans since in most instances I did not produce the plans, nor were they
produced under my supervision, a requirement for stamping here in

Ted Ryan

You are right - I would not stamp them either. I think the point that Dimitri or Scott was trying to make was a question of potential liability if a failure occurs and another expert comes in an claims that the failure was due to the relative stiffness of the engineered portion that changed the balance of shear in the conventional construction and in his opinion created the failure or induced it. It is my opinion that we are covered by this in most jurisdictions so that we are not held liable in the case of failure as the code (IRC) states that a licensed engineer may address only the non-conforming portions of the structure and implies that we would not have to redesign the entire building to full-compliance methods due to one non-compliant portion.


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