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Re: Blogging

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jwknospam wrote:

"Just what is a blog?"

"Web Log", pronounced "Web-blog" (2 "b" sounds), shortened to "Blog".  In
essence it's a regularly updated web site where the stuff on top is the most
current.  Every time you update the site the older information gets pushed
farther down on the page.

Blogs are basically on-line soap boxes or bulletin boards.  The are used by
friend and family groups to keep each other up-to-date, by people as public
diaries, by journalists to publish breaking news, and by activists or
politicians to keep constituents informed about events.  Mainly they are
simply easy ways for someone to publish comments and opinions for the entire
world to see.

You can register at some blogs to be notified via email or phone text
message when it has been updated.  Most blogs allow registered visitors to
leave comments.

For a structural engineering blog in action go to:
or more specifically:

For a more in depth explanation go to and click
on "Take a Quick Tour".

Hope this helps,



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