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Re: Blogging

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Eli Grassley wrote:

So now you are in on the secret Joe, and don't worry, it won't change your
life one bit.
IMO (and with respect), that's like explaining to someone five hundred years ago about that new-fangled "moveable type printing press" thingy, and then concluding "don't worry about it, though, it's not going to change your life."

I submit that the advent of the Web Log is a paradigm shift of immense importance. It has already circumvented the typical "scam" that the establishment media has tried to run on the public for lo, these many years, and it represents the potential for exchange of information that is unprecedented.

There will come a day when historians look back and consider the world-wide web and "blogging" to be essentially one and the same.

This is very likely going to lead to the future impossibility of tyrant governments.

(Sorry about the soap-box, but to me the "blog" phenomenon has been unbelievable).

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