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If any of the you who are creating Blogs related to engineering issues are interested, I would like to provide links on my Blogs to others but do not want to cover non-building industry related topics. Preferably, I want to restrict my Blogs to light-framing, but I am open to more complicated structures if there is an interest. WordPress (one of the free Blog software) allows easy linking between Blogs. This way you do not have to publish on my Blog (although you are welcome to) and can be part of a network of information related to the A/E/C industry. One of the nice things with this Blog is that you are not limited to Links and I have not only links to other Blogs, but back to specific web pages (which are not the same a Web Log pages).

If you are interested in seeing what I have in mind, visit the web site and go to any of the links mentioned on the homepage and there will be at least one of four Blogs. For those of you in California who remember my SEAINT or SEAOC Online Professional Journal, I am in the process of recreating this in Blog format and will include software review (I currently have an Autolisp Shareware that I have to finish a review of and an upgrade to a popular piece of software coming at the end of January that I have not started yet).

This will give you some idea of how it works. Feel free to click the link on the bottom of the WordPress Blog pages to go directly to the software developer (open source free ware) and learn more on their tutorials as to what you can do. This is, in my opinion, a good way to tie the professional community together without requiring everyone be on one site.

Dennis S. Wish, PE

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