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RE: steel beams bearing on wood columns

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A kind of compromise that we sometimes use in the office is bear the

Steel beam on a laminated wood column e.g. “parallam”


I don’t really have any rationale for this…I guess it just “seems” better

Than bearing on a built-up stud column.





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From: Kestner, James W. [mailto:jkestner(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Monday, January 17, 2005 11:06 AM
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Subject: RE: steel beams bearing on wood columns


Most of us think of steel as a stronger, more durable material. Does it make sense to bear something stronger and more durable on a material that isn't?


My suggestion would be to change your steel beam to a wood product or prove that you need a steel column.


Jim K.

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Subject: steel beams bearing on wood columns

I have a client (architect) who would like me to bear my steel beams on built-up wood columns (several 2x6's).  I can't say that I have ever seen this done and wondered whether there are any code reasons not to as long as I can make all of the stress conditions work and they tell me that wood is not an issue as far as fire is concerned.  Thanks in advance for your help.



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