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RE: minimum snow load in USA

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There are many areas in the US where the minimum "ground" snow load is zero. Roof snow load is a function of "ground" snow load. You can still have a zero roof snow load.

You should be aware that there is a minimum roof "live" load which is treated differently than a "snow" load, but is essentially a 20 psf live" load.

The specification is contained in ASCE 7-02. The 1997 UBC is written a bit differently and varies with the tributary area, but for a 25% slope, the minimum roof live load is essentially 20 psf with a tributary area of 0 to 200 square feet.

The 1997 UBC contains snow load information in the Appendix to Chapter 16, and is essentially the same as the ASCE 7 with areas of zero snow load.

Harold Sprague


From: Ángel Gómez (megared) [mailto:angelgomez(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: minimum snow load in USA

Is the minimum snow load 20 psf specified by UBC/IBC for a roof structure (25 % slope) in USA ?
Angel Gomez
Guadalajara, Jal, Mexico

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