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Re: steel beams bearing on wood columns

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I've done it before as long as I can get a decent connection of the steel to the top of the built up column. I would weld a CC column cap to the steel flange and bolt through the columns, but I would try to use a solid member rather than a built up 2x column. Also, if the load is high, then you have to justify buckling in the column and may find that you can sandwich a HSS or PxSTD column between the trimmer stud and an adjacent king stud. Don't forget to check the need of a larger foundation.

Ted Ryan wrote:

I have done it before, don't see why not.
Ted Ryan

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    I have a client (architect) who would like me to bear my steel
    beams on built-up wood columns (several 2x6's).  I can't say that
    I have ever seen this done and wondered whether there are any code
    reasons not to as long as I can make all of the stress conditions
    work and they tell me that wood is not an issue as far as fire is
    concerned.  Thanks in advance for your help.
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